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Year 5 and 6 Get Business-y with the Careers Fair!

We were delighted to host our Careers Fair on Thursday 8th February. Children in Years 5 and 6 visited booths run by parents and friends of the school who have a variety of interesting, enterprising and aspirational jobs. These included a Jellyfish Specialist from Scarborough Sealife Centre, a Helmsman of an Arctic Cruise Ship, a former professional footballer, staff from Green Hedges Nursery and two Graphic Designers - amongst many more! They brought lots of interesting resources, free gifts and expertise for the children to enjoy.


Pupils spent the morning learning about the different job roles of the volunteers and were able to ask lots of questions to help them understand how subjects that they learn at school are helpful in the working world and the special talents that they can use in different jobs.


Miss Harper, who organised the event said: "Thank you to all the special visitors who gave up their time to ensure our children had a fantastic time at their Careers Fair. It was a wonderful, buzzing morning in school and we look forward to running it again in 2025".