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Class 6

Welcome to Year 6!   

Year 6 is the final year at Wheatcroft and prepares pupils for the next big step to secondary school. Throughout the year, we will be journeying through the years and around the world. During our first topic, Extreme Earth, we will dive into the layers of the Earth, exploring how land mass is formed and about the awe-inspiring natural events that occur as a result of this. We will then start our journey around the world in North America by exploring some of the amazing biomes and wonderful plants and animals that live there. After Christmas, we will be travelling across to Africa and delving into the Ancient Egyptian way of life, creating artifacts and memories on the way. Learning about World War 2 in late Spring and Summer will help us to develop our skills of resilience, courage and perseverance, as we draw inspiration from the heroes of yesteryear. These skills will help us with our final topic of Moving On, preparing us for the next step on our journey. Year 6 is sure to be very busy and we will need to be resourceful learners, but there will be lots of fun and opportunities to create memories on the way.

Mr. Levett is our class teacher, Mrs Hyde is our teaching assistant throughout the week on mornings and on a Friday afternoon, and Mr. Collins, Mrs. Chapman and Miss. Smith will be with us at various times in the week.

Our PE sessions are on a Monday and Thursday.

Year 6 2022 - 2023

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Year 6 Linked Learning themes

Autumn 1 - 'Extreme Earth' Exploring the physical geography of our amazing planet and the natural events and occurrences that happen as a result.

Autumn 2 - 'Adapt to Survive!' A journey across North America to explore the different biomes and landscapes there.

Spring 1 and Spring 2 - 'Ancient Egypt' Delving into an ancient way of life and the amazing advancements of the time.

Spring 2 and Summer 1 - 'World War 2' Drawing inspiration from the tales of heroes.

Summer 2 - 'Moving on' Preparing us for the next step in our life journey.


Year 6 children need to draw on all of the learning skills they have developed during their time at Wheatcroft. Two of the key skills they need to draw upon are independence and their ability to be resourceful learners. The children will be expected to do at least half an hour of homework each weeknight, incorporating 10 minutes of reading, 10 minutes of spelling practice and 10 minutes of KIRFs practice. In addition to this, the children will receive some additional pieces of homework based around our focus at that time. 

To help them keep track of this, the children receive home school diaries. The children's spellings will be written in here each week. There is also space in here for you to record what your children have being doing at home. Children's diaries will be checked each Friday to look at what learning they have been doing at home. The children can also present pieces of work they have been doing at home on our Home Learning display and board in the classroom. 

It's great to see the Year 6 children take control of their learning and I will always be delighted to look at things they have done at home. Happy learning!

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spellings list

Year 6 Maths SATs help (+ youtube links)


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