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Our THRIVE Curriculum

Our Wheatcroft School Motto is 'Learn and Care.' We passionately believe that it is vital for every child to feel happy, secure, valued, special, understand that they matter, are unique and special.


We enable them to feel this way and to understand these things about themselves by building positive relationships. Our priority is to care for every child in a safe and friendly environment. In order to help us achieve this we have fully embraced the Thrive Approach. The Education Endowment Foundation suggest that teaching staff who are trained to improve emotional wellbeing help children make substantial attainment progress.


If children have been emotionally thrown off track, either temporarily or over longer periods, our Thrive training can help us understand the needs being communicated through the behaviour they display. Our Senior Mental Health Lead (Miss Glass) and our licensed Thrive practitioner (Mrs Petrie) then create targeted strategies and activities to help children re-engage and thrive.