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Speech and Spoken Language

At Wheatcroft, we understand that children’s vocabulary, understanding of the world, ability to use accurate grammar, and their ability to communicate effectively, all depend on the quality of language they hear. We prioritise language-rich environments, where adults engage children in high-quality conversations throughout the day. The more conversations children engage in, the more they will understand once they can read, and the more vocabulary and ideas they will have once they can write. We carefully and deliberately plan ways to develop children’s spoken language within our English units. 


We have high expectations for the way in which all children and staff communicate with each other. This includes the ways in which we listen to each other. We teach children to listen and model the ways in which listening is important. We maximise participation in class and group discussions wherever possible.


We ensure a robust package of support is provided for those children who may require additional support or who have specific speech, language and communication needs. To find out more please follow the links below.