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Preparing for Handwriting

Handwriting and letter formation is a physical skill. We help our children develop the muscles used when writing by completing various exercises. We warm up these muscles before writing in the same way we warm up our bodies before taking part in PE!

Handwriting at Wheatcroft

At Wheatcroft, children are taught to correctly form letters of the correct size and orientation. They practice this skill repeatedly so they can write letters accurately and fluently. By the end of Bluebells (Early Years), we aim for children to be able to hold a pencil effectively using a tripod grip. Children practice their letter formation both within and outside their phonics lessons across Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2.

Handwriting Progression

At Wheatcroft we follow the 'Teach Handwriting' Progression. Once children can form their letters in the correct size and orientation confidently and consistently, we prepare them for learning to join their letters. We introduce the diagonal strokes needed for joining. This usually occurs in Year 2 but is delayed if children need more time forming the printed letters. We then introduce the continuous cursive strokes and children learn the various letter joins. Children practice their handwriting everyday and are encouraged to take pride in their handwriting.

Teach Handwriting Information for Parents