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Year 4 East Barnby Visit

Wednesday 27th March

8.25pm: A longer night's sleep last night!  We have all enjoyed our breakfast this morning: fruit juice, yoghurt, cereals, poached egg, bacon and baked beans.  Bags are all packed and we are setting off for shelter building shortly.  I will update the website later with the time of arrival back at Wheatcroft but it should be about 2.30pm. 


Please don't park around the turning circle as the bus won't be able to get round to the layby. 

1.40pm: Bus has left East Barnby and is scheduled to arrive at school at 2.30pm.


Tuesday 26th March

7.50am: A good night's sleep and all the children are tucking into their breakfast!

4.45pm All safely back from our canoeing adventure after a wonderful day on the River Esk.  All groups did very well in their canoes and everyone enjoyed the slide down the weir at Ruswarp.  We spotted a heron on the way and when we arrived in Whitby harbour, a seal was swimming around!  We were sad to hear the tale of Derek the horse as we canoed under the old railway bridge.  See Photographs of canoeing


9.15pm Everyone enjoyed the evening campfire which included plenty of singing and toasting marshmallows!  See photographs

Supper finished and all the children in bed ready for their final day of adventure in the woods.  Packing has been completed and some children will be arriving back with a suitcase plus a black bin liner of assorted articles!

Night night from East Barnby.


Monday 25th March

10.30am: We  arrived safely at East Barnby without anyone being sick on the bus!  Waterproofs and wellies have been tried on for size and the children are currently in their rooms making up their beds.


6.15pm  Back from a fantastic afternoon of beck scrambling.  All the children showed courage as they tackled various challenges with many ending up with wellington boots full of water!

Mrs Hillion's group and my group went on to the famous Looney Leap where children slide down a large boulder into a pool at the bottom! Lots and lots of courage shown doing this for most of the children in these groups plus one member of staff!

Children are having their tea now and then sledging to come.  Weather has been perfect which is more than can be said for the quality of some of the bed making!

7.10pm Tuck shop.

10.15pm: All tucked up in bed after a very enjoyable sledging session on the dry ski slope - see photographs.

Hot chocolate and biscuits for supper made by Mrs Woodall have helped settle everyone for a good night's sleep. Mulgrave dormitory have also had a bedtime story which seems to have worked!

The 5-1 football result has helped some children relax before bedtime!

The River Esk awaits in the morning ...

Night night from East Barnby Z z z z