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Y5/6 France week

Friday 14th February

7.15am The long journey home has begun and the bus has departed from the chateau.  Beautiful sunrise on the final morning - see photo

8.05am Approaching Calais and the White Cliffs in view. Flat calm today - see photo 

9.40am On the ferry awaiting departure for Dover - see photo

11.34am Arrived safely on English soil!

1pm Stopped for lunch at Thurrock services.  Traffic is heavy so please keep checking website and Dojos as the the bus may be back at 8pm. 

Gratham may be the next stop for tea.


1757 hits on the school website looking at the France updates-wow


4.55pm Passing Grantham and heading on for tea at Blyth services.

     Arrival time back at school is still likely to be nearer to 8pm than 7pm



Thursday 13th February

8.30am A good night's sleep followed by a delicious breakfast!

1pm The children have had a great time at the sweet factory this morning and are now doing more outdoor adventure activities. 

See photos of the sweet factory!

ps did you know that sweets made here are used in action adventure films to replicate the effect of breaking glass!

1510 hits on our France page on the school website!


20.15pm Another successful day and all the different activities have been enjoyed ( apart from the tasting of certain food!).

Children are enjoying their final evening at the chateau and have packed.

I will update the website and Dojos to keep everyone posted of their journey home tomorrow and expected time of arrival back at school. 


Wednesday 12th February

8.30am A good night's sleep and everyone enjoying breakfast. 

1.45pm A very successful morning in Rue and lots of French was spoken when ordering food and drinks!

1200 hits on the school website for France updates - wow!


Afternoon: Outdoor adventure activities very successful and a good evening -see photographs


Tuesday 11th February

7.30am A good night's sleep by all the children and they are having their first French breakfast!

11.30am The visit to the market at Etaples has been successful this morning and the children have been practising their French to buy things. They are heading back to the chateau for lunch and then some adventurous activities ahead!  Weather is cold but not as windy.   

(see photos - 18 at the market)

5pm A good afternoon of fencing, archery and the zip wire.

10am All in bed and most asleep!


Monday 10th February

5.20am Bus departed from school in moonlight!

10am Arrived at Peterborough services.

10.45am An hour from the M25.  Apparently quite a bit of travel sickness but things are improving now! Still aiming to get the ferry at 2.10pm.

12pm The River Thames - see photograph of the Queen Elizabeth bridge on Dojos and city of London. Dr Noble safely picked up and on board.

1.40pm Safely arrived at Dover.  Waiting for the ferry but due to the delay, we have been given £300 of vouchers! see photo

4.55pm Just arriving in the port of Calais and about to step onto French ground!

6.25pm Safely arrived at the Chateau.  (see photo)

7pm Children have just ordered their first meal in French and are tucking into dinner!