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Off Site Visits - May

Many of our children have enjoyed off site visits this month and used our School Driver of Locality to enhance their learning opportunities.  

Year 1 have done two geography visits and explored the North and South Bays of Scarborough. EYFS (Bluebells Class) have visited the Shuttleworth gardens on South Cliff and been writing to the Fairies.  Year 4 have visited the South Bay for beach school work to learn about the Water Cycle in geography.  Year 5 have done a history walk to learn about Victorian Scarborough.  Year 6 have visited Eden Camp in connection with their World War II topic and Year 2 have visited Flamingoland and had a tour of the Zoo to learn about African animals. 

Although we walk from school for many of our local visits, our pupils could not take part in visits without the support of the PTA and parents contributing to the costs.