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KS2 Sports Day

All four Key Stage 2 classes enjoyed a warm and dry afternoon of different sports.  After the disappointment of yesterday's weather and cancellation, today was perfect for Sports Day and the childrens' participation and achievement was great to see.

As usual, over the first hour, the children moved round sixteen different potted sports including: long jump, vortex throws, netball shooting, target throws, penalty shooting and various relays.  At the end of these, Cornelian were in the lead with 1647 points.  After the running races which included sprints, relays and lap, Holbeck lead the races with 73 points.  The final totals were:

1st place Cornelian 1693 points

2nd place Holbeck 1499 points

3rd place Seaview 1405 points

4th place Deepdale 1361 points  


The Jubilee Sports Cup was presented with the red ribbons attached by Mr Taylor to the winning Year 6 pupils. Then, along with the rest of the Y5, Y4 and Y3 Cornelian pupils, the cup was paraded down the running track.

My thanks to all the families who came and supported this afternoon and to the PTA for providing welcome refreshments.  

Thanks to all the staff and their families, Year 2 pupils and governors for their help this afternoon and to Mrs Hillion who organised both our Sports Days this week.