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January 3rd Week Update

Dear Parent/Carer
The end of January is in sight and it is good to see the mornings getting lighter as well as at the end of the school day.
I hope all of you are managing to keep yourselves safe as well as looking after your mental health and well being. Class teachers are enjoying catching up with families at home on the phone and this week we have managed to speak to all but three families. If a voicemail is left from school, please ring us to let us know you are ok.
Feedback has been very positive from most families about our daily home learning tasks and most of you are managing to access all the resources. Today, we have sent home the first set of government computers to families who were struggling without access to IT devices. If your child has not got easy access to an IT device, please get in touch with school. Only a quarter of the technology surveys were returned so we have responded to those families first.
Home learning - just to be aware that most teachers are in school every day teaching their class Bubble which means that contact through phone or Dojos works really well for those learning at home throughout the day. Live Zoom lessons for Zumba are working well for all pupils in Year 4, 5 and 6 on a Friday afternoon as well as Zoom catch ups from other classes. I've attached one of my favourite photographs sent via ClassDojo of one of our Year 1 pupils doing his home learning in his school uniform! Keep sending in photographs of work at home - we love seeing how your child is getting on.
Take care and please stay safe.
Miss Hartley