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Final week - 17th July

Friday 17th July

Our final week before finishing for the summer holidays has been a very enjoyable one with every Year 6 pupil returning on the final day and 106 pupils back in school this week. I am so sorry that we were only able to see groups of pupils from Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 in school but thank you once again for all the fantastic home learning the rest of you did - well done!

I want to wish every Wheatcroft family a peaceful summer holiday with hopefully some rest and relaxation.  I look forward to seeing all pupils back on Tuesday 8th September from 8.30am in the morning in school uniform. Please check the latest Newsletter with all the information about staggered start and finish times, equipment to bring in and for parents/carers requests about parking safely for all our pupils. 



Thursday 9th July

Please see our latest Newsletter in the parent section for details about our plans for opening to all pupils in September.

.You will see that we are continuing our current arrangements of starting and ending the day with a staggered start through September. All of the health and safety measures will be continuing in the new term. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via phone, email or Dojo.
Today, you will have received your child's annual school report via email or a paper copy. If you need a paper copy and were sent an email, we have printed off all reports which can be collected in September or sooner if needed.
It is lovely to see more of our pupils back this week, especially seeing the Year 6 pupils before they leave for secondary school. It is also great to see all the home learning continuing - well done!
Stay safe

Miss Hartley



Friday 3rd July

Good Morning Everyone
We have enjoyed another positive week in school and once again, it has been brilliant to see all the pop art that families are posting to us on Dojos - thank you!
It is lovely to see many of our Year 6 back for their last few months at Wheatcroft. They are enjoying collecting all their memories of their time in school as they prepare to move on. See photograph of their first Harvest Festival back in Bluebells!
Have a good weekend and keep safe.

Miss Hartley x




Friday 26th June

It has been our third week of wider reopening to pupils from Bluebells (EYFS), Year 1 and Year 6 as well as pupils of key workers attending. We now have over a third of our pupils back in school and with the lovely weather, we have been able to spend a lot more time outside.  All pupils sampled our home grown strawberries this week and because of the heat, Mrs Kirby bought everyone an ice lolly on Thursday! I think this will be a lovely thing to do to celebrate all our pupils returning in September hopefully.  

Next week our numbers are up to 90 as more pupils are returning before the summer holiday. 

For all the pupils at home- please keep working on your BBC Bitesize Maths and English as well as having a go at Mrs Earle's art projects.  Some of your art work definitely should be in an art gallery!

See photographs from this week in school and have a look on Class Dojos for the wonderful art work from home and school.

Please stay safe and stick to safe distancing and a small number of contacts.

Miss Hartley x




Friday 19th June

Good afternoon everyone.
It has been lovely to see more of our pupils returning to school this week as well as really enjoying seeing all of the wonderful art work and learning going on at home - well done everyone!

In between the rain, our EYFS, Year 1, Year 6 and School Club pupils have enjoyed having lots of time outside playing rounders, football, doing Zumba, music and Tai Chi. 
Next week, we will be welcoming back another 10 pupils which will be over a third of our school back and takes us up to 80 pupils.
Please keep in touch with class teachers through Dojos and ring, email or text if you need any support or have any questions.
Enjoy the weekend and I hope we see some sunshine!
Take care and stay safe.

Miss Hartley x


Friday 12th June
Where has the sun gone this week and the lovely summer weather we have been enjoying?!

We are now at the end of 12 weeks of Lockdown in the UK and the resilience shown by so many of our Wheatcroft families and staff has been amazing - please give yourself a well done virtual sticker from me!
Our first week back in the school building since the 20th March has gone very well and I want to congratulate all the children from Bluebells, Year 1 and Year 6 + Y3, Y4 and Y5 pupils in the School Club for adapting so quickly to new routines. Thank you to all the families who have followed all the staggered start and finish times so well. Huge thank you to all the staff who have been amazing this week and to our wonderful Caretaker and Cleaner who have done a brilliant job. Our Governors are meeting every week and working so hard on all the health and safety measures - thanks to them too.
Next week, we look forward to welcoming some more pupils back to school and will have half of Bluebells back and over half of Year 1 and Year 6 back.
Thank you for all the hard work going on with home learning. As you know, with most staff back in school now, Mrs Earle has taken over the home learning posts. I really love all the photos of the Optical art posted on Class pages this week- brilliant and keep this up!
Have a peaceful weekend and please keep in touch.
Best wishes
Miss Hartley x

ps just over a year ago, I went with our Year 4 class to Bempton Cliffs and thought you would enjoy seeing a photo from the day! Year 5 pupils - I hope you remember the other birds we saw that day and what you learnt about life cycles!


Monday 8th June

It has been lovely to see more of our children and staff back today as Bluebells, Year 1 and Year 6 returned after 11 weeks away from school. Our School Club - (Key Worker pupils and Vulnerable pupil group) has also grown.  The children have adapted really well to all the new procedures in school - well done!

Here are a selection of photographs of some of the activities that have been happening around school today.

It has been lovely to see the smiles on pupil faces.