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Dear Parent/Carer
Thank you very much for responding so promptly to my late text/email last night and for your supportive comments at such a difficult time.
In the Parent section of the website under Newsletters, I have loaded the latest Government list of Critical workers. If your job is on this list, your are entitled to apply for your child to attend school during the National Lockdown over the next six weeks.
We will need to know numbers of pupils who will be attending Wheatcroft from tomorrow as soon as possible and ask that you message your child's class teacher before 12pm today with a brief description of your job and the days you work. Please note your child can only be offered sessions when you are at work.
If it is at all possible for your child to access daily home learning throughout this Lockdown, I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO KEEP YOUR CHILD SAFE AT HOME.

Class teachers will be posting DAILY LEARNING for their class as well as videos and access to a wide range of learning resources. Please note, we are expecting that all pupils will engage with the daily learning tasks so that they do not fall behind during this second school closure.

Our school day from tomorrow will run from 8.30am and finish at 3pm. For any children attending school, it is likely that they will be put in a mixed year group Bubble and may NOT be taught by their class teacher. As I did last March in the first Lockdown, I will have minimum school staff on site to reduce transmission risk.
If you have further questions, please text, email or ring school today.
Thank you for your support in keeping all our families and staff safe.
Miss Hartley