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Wrap Around School Care

Wheatcroft is able to offer out of school care from 7.55am to 8.35am and 3.05pm to 5pm.  Places are subject to availability and only bookable in advance. The club, Wheaties, is run in the on site bungalow by school staff.


Wheaties Rationale

Wheaties care club is primarily to support parents/carers who work and have child care needs.  It sits outside of required school provision and is not free of charge.  The club comes under the school’s policies and attendance is dependent on pupils following the school’s Behaviour Policy.  The Headteacher has the right to refuse attendance to pupils if they are in breach of the Behaviour Policy.


Pupils with additional needs

Within usual staffing ratios it is not possible to offer 1:1 support on an ad hoc basis.  The SENco will work with parents/carers and discuss necessary safe provision on a case by case basis when the need arises.

There may be circumstances when the school can financially support pupils to attend the club if they are eligible for Pupil Premium funding and there is a safeguarding reason for a pupil to attend. 


Bookings & Charges from 25 April 2022

  • Bookings for regular sessions should be made in advance, on a half termly basis, by contacting the school office by telephone or email.  Continued attendance will be assumed
  • No refunds are given for sessions not attended
  • Half termly charges must be paid by the last Monday of each half term
  • Children must not be dropped off before 7.55am and must be collected by 5.00pm
  • Late pick up charges of £2.00 are applied to any session where a child is collected after the pre booked time
  • Ad Hoc charges apply to all occasional, one off bookings.  Charges are payable with the booking
  • Children not collected from school will be taken to Wheaties and a charge of £5.00 applied for any length of time up to 4pm



Notice of cancellation of a regular booking must be given by the end of the current half term, otherwise charges may be applied until the end of the following half term.


Regular Bookings

Charges are:


7.55 – 8.35am               £3.00


3.05 – 4pm                    £4.00

3.05 – 5pm                    £6.00


Ad Hoc Bookings – these charges will be applied for any one off, 1 session booking within a half term period

Charges are:

Morning                        £4.00

3.05 – 4pm                    £5.00

3.05 – 5pm                    £7.00



50% discount for 2nd child in a family


Availability cannot be guaranteed for ad hoc bookings due to space and staffing constraints


Holiday clubs are available at some local schools: Seamer & Irton, Lindhead, Newby details of these can be found on their websites.

Please ask at the school office for details of how to obtain a list of registered childminders.