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Y5 and Y6 visit to France

Friday 9th February

7.30am A good night's sleep and final French breakfast eaten. Lots of good collaboration between children helping each other with suitcases.

8am Bus has left the Chateau and is en route to Calais.  It is snowing but on track for the scheduled ferry and the White Cliffs!

(see final photograph form the Chateau - some tired faces showing!)

9.20am All children through border control and boarding the ferry.

10.50am Passing through the mouth of Dover harbour.

11.45am On the M20 heading towards London. 

4pm At Cambridge and traffic very heavy so estimated time of arrival may be between 8pm and 9pm.  Sorry.

7.30pm Unfortunately, traffic has continued to be very heavy on the A1 so journey has been longer then expected.  The children have all really enjoyed their Burger King stop! (see photo).

Expected arrival back at school is likely to be nearer 9pm. 

Sorry to everyone. I've uploaded a few more photographs from yesterday.

9am ETA. On the A64 heading east and at Malton.

Please use the school car parks (Wheatcroft or St Martin's)  for parking.


Thursday 8th February

8am Another good night's sleep at the Chateau following a successful Wednesday evening of activities both inside and outside. Outside activities were tracking and camouflage.

Days are certainly action packed - Miss Flinton completed 23,500 steps yesterday!

11.15am Visit to the French sweet shop this morning looks like something from Charlie and the Chocolate factory!  Look at the children's faces! (see photos).

1.45pm Children participating in final outdoor adventure sessions.  Although on some photographs the children look effortless when tackling these adventure activities, the staff have asked me to share how very resilient and courageous the children have been while tackling some of the challenges and having to overcome fears. 

9.30pm The children have had another successful afternoon of outdoor activities and I'm to pass on to you, that one member of staff actually hit the Bullseye during the archery session! At the final French dinner, children have had the opportunity to try some French delicacies including frogs legs and snails - see photographs of the tasting! 

The final evening, has included a lovely bonfire and the children's final viewing of the French night sky. Families will be delighted to know that the centre staff have been highly complimentary about the childrens' behaviour and excellent approach shown over the week.

Final Bon nuit.

Please keep checking the website tomorrow as I update you on the journey home. A reminder - please use the Wheatcroft staff car park and St Martin's car park to avoid congestion outside the school and around the turning circle.  


Wednesday 7th February

7am Another good night's sleep and preparing for breakfast before going off for a tour of Rue.

For information, Mrs Woodall completed 19,000 steps yesterday!

I will try and upload more photos later.

Another good sign is that Miss Flinton's texts are containing more French words then the beginning of the week!

12pm A successful walk around the beautiful town of Rue completed. Lots learnt and seen.  All the children ordered and paid for their own drink in the cafe and their own cake/bread in the patisserie. (see photos).  Please note that the sticking out tongue is to show families what drink has been consumed!

3.45pm Adventure activities continuing at the Chateau this afternoon.  Paddle boarding and archery being enjoyed.


Tuesday 6th February

A good night's sleep by everyone and breakfast enjoyed.

On the way to the market for the first French challenge ...

11am: A fabulous morning at Etaples market and lots of French being spoken with great enthusiasm. See pupils on photo even practising their French on the way the market! Weather is very cold! (see photographs).


2.45pm This afternoon, the adventure activities have gone very well back at the chateau. Stand up paddle boarding ended up being a wet activity for a few of the girls who took an early bath!  

3pm Phone call to school from an extremely enthusiastic Mrs Woodall about how well everything is going and how brilliant all the children have been. smiley

9.00pm Room inspections done with plenty of French flair on display!  You'll spot the winning room - note the alignment of toothbrushes!

Postcards have been written and should arrive in time for Easter!

The French food bought from the market has been eaten and enjoyed.

9.15pm Lights out - dormez bien z z z z 


Monday 5th February

4.15am: Coach departed from Wheatcroft.

7.40am : Coach at Peterborough.  A little travel sickness but all ok apart from a cereal and milk accident on the coach!

9.40am: Breakfast stop completed and back on way. (see photographs)

Some children sleeping peacefully and the rest are enjoying Paddington DVD. (see photo)

10.50am: Passed London and children have just waved at the Shard, the city and the Olympic park! Crossed the River Thames on the Queen Elizabeth bridge in glorious sunshine (see photo).

11.50am: Some photographs on the coach of our intrepid adventurers! One Y5 boy has managed to sleep for most of the journey so far!

The singing photo is from Frozen!

12.15pm: Arrived at Dover in sunshine and those famous White Cliffs are glowing! (see photo).

12.55pm: The children and staff have waved goodbye to the White Cliffs and are sailing across the English Channel towards France. (see photos).

3pm: Children have safely arrived in France and are setting off for the chateau an hour earlier then expected.  The journey is expected to take one and a half hours.

4.45pm: Safely arrived at the Chateau and in the light.  All well and children getting ready for their first French meal! (see photo).

9pm: Evening meal enjoyed by all the children followed by a night time scavenger hunt. (see photographs)

Everyone showered and in bed and all quiet in the dormitories!  A very successful first day.

Good night!