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Y4 East Barnby Visit 2018

Monday 12th March

9.20am: The outdoor adventure visit begins for our Year 4 class and staff!

The coach has left Wheatcroft and is heading north to Whitby and then East Barnby.

10.30am: Safely arrived at East Barnby. Children are unpacking and undertaking their first challenge - making their beds!

12.15pm: Bedrooms mostly sorted!  Waterproofs collected and children ready for beck scrambling or climbing after lunch.

5pm: All groups back from their various activities - some wet and some dry! Climbing group were amazing and showed some great teamwork. Unfortunately, because of the heavy rain, we couldn't do the beck scrambling today.  Instead, two groups had a great adventure on the moors.  This involved exploring the different terrains with lots of water, mud and snow involved!

see photographs

5.30pm Tea enjoyed -orange juice followed by spaghetti bolognese followed by chocolate sponge and custard!

8.20pm: Having supper after a very wet sledging session!

9pm Hot chocolate and biscuit enjoyed and now heading back to the dormitories for a well earned sleep.

More updates in the morning - Good Night!

Tuesday 13th March

8.30am: A good night's sleep!

Children and staff are eating their breakfast!  Happy birthday has been sung to one of the boys and he loves his Wolves toy!

Will update after our canoeing adventure.

6.15pm: We have had a wonderful day on the water -not the River Esk due to the level of flood water but went to Scaling Lake.  Canoeing was enjoyed by everyone and made even more enjoyable by warmer, drier weather. We pulled over to the shore and had a lovely picnic lunch in the heather.

See photographs

We have just finished our three course dinner: soup followed by pizza and chips followed by apple crumble and custard!

8.30pm Campfire finished and everyone has toasted their own marshmallow. Supper finished and birthday cake shared with the whole class - thank you to Sam's parents.

Packing has been mostly completed and we are ready for our final day of shelter building.

Children looking forward to seeing their families tomorrow.  

Get the washing machines ready!

Wednesday 14th March

8.15am: A good night's sleep and we're about to have our final breakfast. Bags are packed and ready for home. Shelter building is our final outdoor adventure challenge.  Lots of our school character traits have been seen this week, particularly resilience.  I'll update school when we leave East Barnby and Mrs Younger will update you if we're going to be later than 2.30pm.

Please don't park around the turning circle or outside school as this will block the bus.Thanks.

12.30pm Back from an excellent morning of shelter building in Mulgrave Woods.  Having lunch and then setting off by 1.30pm.

2.40pm: Arrived back at Wheatcroft.

see final photographs from today (Shelter Building) and last night's campfire.