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Y4 East Barnby 2017

Monday 27th March

10.30am:The class have safely arrived at East Barnby and the first challenge has been tackled - making beds!

12pm: Lunch eaten and enjoyed by all (jacket potatoes).

5.30pm: All settling to a delicious tea of spaghetti bolognese, garlic bread, and juice. Sponge and custard to follow

Beck scrambling enjoyed by everyone and lots of courage shown as new challenges were tackled.  Some managed the rock slide into the beck! Really good effort shown by everyone and some great teamwork shown.

(see photographs) 

6.30pm: Tea finished and getting ready for sledging!

9.30pm Sledging completed by everyone and some excellent techniques demonstrated (see photographs). Supper of hot chocolate finished and back to dormitories for a good night's sleep!

The River Esk awaits us in the morning ...


Tuesday 28th March

8.30am: A good night's sleep by everyone! The bedtime stories did the trick!

Everyone tucking into their breakfast just now and then to Ruswarp for some serious canoeing!

5.40pm: Fantastic day of canoeing and the sun came out during the afternoon!  We all made it down the River Esk from Ruswarp to Whitby. There were many highlights on the way down including seeing some herons and canoeing under three bridges!.

Tucking into tea then it's bonfire and marshmallows if we all finish packing! Bonus points for one pupil who tackled his maths homework last night in the dormitory!


Wednesday 29th March

8.30am A good night's sleep again!  Everyone packed and mostly with their own clothes! Just having breakfast and then off for the final challenge - Shelter Building.

12.30pm Back from Shelter Building just as the rain is arriving!

Our bus is here so we are on schedule to leave East Barnby at 1.30pm and be back at school for 2.30pm. 

2.35pm: Home smileysmiley

Shelter building photographs to follow