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KS1/EYFS Sports Day

The sun shone and the weather was beautiful for our first Sports Day of the week.  All pupils from Bluebells class, Class 1 and Class 2 participated in an afternoon of potted sports followed by running races.  Year 5 pupils organised the potted sports with Year 6 pupils coaching each team. Congratulations to all the competitors for all their hard work this afternoon, especially to our youngest pupils in Bluebells who showed courage in taking part in lots of different events that were new to them. 

The final results were: 1st place Deepdale (1039 points), 2nd plave Cornelian (999 points), 3rd place Seaview (988 points) and 4th place Holbeck with 933 points. 

Thanks to all the families who came and supported the children this afternoon and a big well done to the pre school runners and ladies and mens sprinters!