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Bluebells Class (EYFS)

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In our Early Years Foundation Stage class we have lots of adults to play, encourage and teach the children. The class teacher is Mrs Beedham, Mrs Noble (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) has visited children at many different nurseries in the summer term, Mrs Campbell works afternoons in Bluebells and Mrs Potts works every morning in Bluebells. We are also lucky to have Mrs Silby, Mrs Hillion, Mrs Wood and Mrs Roberts to support us at different times of the week.

In Bluebells, the children learn through play and we incorporate the children's interests into their learning. Our main goal is for the children to be happy and feel secure in their new environment. This half term we concentrate on getting to know our new children and their families. The children will quickly make friends and become used to their new routines.

Bluebells Class 2017 -2018

Bluebells Class 2017 -2018 1