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11/ 4/ 19       


Drama Llama😂🤣


Hi peeps, this is my first ever blog. I hope u like it. Its about my club after school every Tuesday. It is called SJT . It’s about drama. 😄

                           In SJT we sometimes do graffiti, make costumes, do snack, play games and way more. We like to to play dodgeball, flinch/snatch, splat, zip zap and more.😄

                           We don’t actually go to the SJT we stay at school to do it. It’s on from 3:00 - 5:00. Lunch is pretty boring all you have is a sandwich, an apple, veg, tiniest rap ever and a small flapjack.😄

                           It’s a really good club you should try it is is for year 3 - 6 so we need a few more year 6s so u should try. ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST !!!!


Thx for reading


By Betty 😃😃