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Autumn Term Clubs 2021

Autumn Term Clubs 2021

Wheaties before and after school club will start from Tuesday 7th September and run throughout the year 

Extra-curricular Clubs
The following clubs will run from Monday 20th September.

Pupils may join any club that is for their age group. All school run clubs are FREE.  There is a charge for Zumba Kids on a Friday after school.
For the after school clubs, school staff will organise the Key Stage 2 pupils so parents do not need to attend school until the club finishes. These clubs are open to all pupils and the majority are run by Wheatcroft teaching staff and are free. 

Parents must first sign a permission letter before a child attends any after school club or let us know via ClassDojo.  Some clubs have a limited number of places so early booking is advised.
Regular attendance and good conduct is expected at all the clubs.

Monday: Year 3/Year 4 Sports Club 3.05pm-4pm  (school hall or KS2 playground/MUGA) 
Tuesday: Key Stage 1 Musical Theatre with Mrs Sweeney-Chisholm 3pm- 4pm (IT suite)

               Key Stage 2 Singing Squad with Miss Andrews 3pm - 4pm (school hall)

Wednesday: Y5/6 Nurture Club with Mrs Petrie 3pm-4pm in the Zone

Thursday: Year 5/Year 6 Sports Club 3.05pm-4pm (school hall or KS2 playground/MUGA)

                 Year 3/4 Nurture Club with Mrs Petrie 3pm-4pm in The Zone

Friday: Zumba Kids in the hall with Mrs Sweeney-Chisholm for KS2 pupils 3.05pm-4.10pm (paid club)