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 Hi this is Ted here it's my first blog so might be a bit rusty. I played dodge ball today and tig, the gym equipment was very busy so I left that today. If you didn't know me Rio and Fin.p all do cupboard duty. We have a toy cupboard at Wheatcroft and at the end of playtime we tidy it up.🏐⚽️🎾

                 I ran every we're today balancing balls on my head



Hello reader it’s me again and I have decided to change my blog to puddings, I LOVE PUDDINGS! Especially brownie, chocolate cake and marble cake. I love brownie in winter because when it’s straight out of the oven it’s gooey in the middle and really soft on the corners.


Chocolate cake is good all year round I actually prefer it in the summer with melted chocolate on the top and maybe a bit of broken up flake. Other toppings are M&M, skittles, chocolate buttons and good old sprinkles. Although the other day I tried chocolate raisins and I liked them they could be a good topping.


Bye for now and hope you try something new too.  


By Ted