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The summer term is here and we will be learning a new story called 'The Hungry Caterpillar' By Eric Carle. The children will be busy learning about life cycles and finding out information about lots of plants, animals, birds and mini beasts. We are hoping for better weather so that we can enjoy our welly walks and our local environment. The children will be creating their own stories and information books and using their lovely writing skills that they hard worked so hard to achieve.

This term we will also be launching our 'games library'. We are developing a large collection of dice/ boards games for the children to borrow on a weekly basis to enhance their number skills.

The children will also be continuing to learn about different character traits such as compassion, honesty, courage, tolerance and citizenship. It would be wonderful if your children are chatting to you at home about these as we really want the traits to become embedded in the children's lives.

Thank you for your continued support, we have a busy and exciting term ahead!

We have had a very busy number week, looking at numbers and how we can see them in the environment. The children are also tidying up and using their number skills to count pens, books and scissors etc. Lovely mathematical language is being used such as "I need two more then I will have eight!" or " We need one more one pair of scissors because we need nine!". The classroom has never looked so tidy!

Next week we are launching our 'Number games' where the children can choose a game to bring home to play with their families. We have had lots of fun teaching the games to the children on our Friday games afternoon.


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