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Cookalicous Cooking

  Hi my name is Scarlett, and my blog is going to be about the meals and food I cook at home. The last meal/food I cooked, was pancakes. At the weekend I was at my Granny’s house with my Dad and I cooked my sister and I pancakes. 

The recipe for pancakes is:

100g/3.5 Oz of plain flour

2 chicken eggs any size

300ml of milk

First weigh out 100g of flour and put it in large bowl, then crack two eggs make sure there’s no shell. Then measure out 300ml of milk, the flour and egg together and bit by bit. Keep mixing until the mixture is nice and thin and there is no lumps. After that heat a frying pan then when it’s hot dribble a little bit of olive oil on the pan. Pour the pancake mix into the pan and when you find that on the top of the pancake is not got any liquid on it flip it over using a spatula and let the other side cook. When the other side is a little brown you can put it on a plate and enjoy.

Good toppings for pancakes can be:

Nutella, Golden syrup, Maple syrup, Lemon and sugar, sauces and fruit, chocolate syrup and butter.

Thank you I’ll be back with more Cookalicous cooking soon.