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 Hi maths fans, my name is Sam today I’m telling  you about my maths this week.8/4/19 on Monday we got squares  and made fractions  and decimal. It was easy and we coloured them in . 9/4/19 we picked a number then we  made loads of different ways on a grid. 10/4/19  we put put decimal on a number line. We also converted  them it fractions. I strutted. 11/4/9  today we did similar  two days ago . Today I learnt about ten thousand. I  did one  and the correct answer. By Sam   


Hello it is Sam for my second maths blog all about percentages. 9/5/19 today we picked a number and worked out the percentages I got them all right.

 10/5/19 today we did a codebreaker on percentages is no one is stopping you. 13/5/19 first we did a question on a star.  Then did a sheet on percentages I got 2 wrong I thought I did good with that because the questions were not the easiest. 14/5/19 today I did three sheets of five. Everyone who did the three sheets struggled. 15/5/19 today we got a square and we had to work out parentage, fraction and decimal then there was without 100 squares.


By Sam J