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Danish football

Hi, this is Orson and Izzy ,this is our first blog.

The name is from our two options last week at sports club.

Izzy played  Danish long ball and I (Orson) played football. (This is Izzy) My first bat was Ok but I missed ,next time I got a run (this is Orson)Orson was at the other end playing “ footy” my mane highlight was that I assisted every goal that my team scored (7). (This is Izzy) my mane highlight was a full run and crawling under the out door class room trying to get the ball groan. (This is Orson) on the other hand I had the time of my life : I was megging other people with ease .

Thank you for reading our first blog.




Plantation Progress This is my second blog so far but there are more to come! The subject is about my new plant that my class and are growing. We are also having a experiment of taking away key things for a plant but that’s not what I am talking about. It is now at its sprouting stage (look in the picture) it has been in my house for 1 day but it has been at school for 2 days. Sadly, it is in a PLASTIC cup so my mum will not be to happy. I mite put it in a new plant pot. Thank you for reading from Orson.



Lazy Sunday

Hi, Orson here (the best blogger in the world) this is my update of probably the most lazy Sunday of all time.

What I did…? Lay on the floor until 7:00 and then had some out of date cheerios.

Then, I wasted my day by thinking of an excuses to stay on the floor, sleeping.

Active Monday

But the next day… my dad made a legendary excuse to get me out of the house (sorry I forgot my dad’s words). We, waited for about an hour so we used are time to go on an’ air hockey’ table. Then we booked the very last session in the swimming pools. After about 1 hour we finished our session and then we traveled miles to find a sweet shop. Horary, we found a place so I bought multiple sweets hoping that I could eat them all. So we went home and enjoyed a nice dinner (chicken nuggets).

So bye and hope you have lazy Sunday like me!

By Orson