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Hi, my name is Lilly I’m going to be making a blog of my plants there names are: Antirrhinum , Nerrsersion and my lovely carrot called carrot! Yes that’s a very good name for a carrot ,don’t you think , well I think it’s a lovely name!😍

    • So for a few weeks I have been looking after a ALL of my plants so that they will grow nicely.

I have some very good news: I have tried to draw my Antirrhinum ,it’s ok but I hope you like it.😉



I have some other news my carrot has started to germinate but my nersursion has not.


I will be back soon with more info byeeeeee👍✌️



Hey guys , its Lilly I found out some info about my plants. My bunny plant is actually called a snap dragon so that’s what I am going to call it. Unfortunately, my old Nasturtium seeds was made into a black bird’s dinner because I left it outside, and when I came back there was a black bird standing on my pot so I had to plant a new one and within three days it had started to grow yaaaaaaay!


My plants are doing very well, the snap dragon is about 15cm tall and the nasturtium is about 7cm tall .I had to put a bottle next to the Nasturtium because it was all floppy and falling down.

Also my brother planted some carrots and some pansies they haven’t started to grow yet, but I am sure that they will grow soon!


                       See you soon for my latest blog!