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In Year 1 we ask that the children read as often as they can at home with you in order to support and develop this important skill. The children will be heard at least twice a week in school and reading books will be changed at these times but if you feel they need to be changed more often then your child needs to put their reading book and reading record into the red basket in class.


We would be very grateful if you could date, sign and write a comment in your child's reading record so that we know when they have read at home.


Your child will have tricky words to work on at home with you. The more they work on them the better they will become at recognising them. Once your child knows all of the words, please let us know and we will give them the next set. We really appreciate your support with this.




In the next few days your child will be bringing home their KIRFS target. This is a Maths target that we will be working on regularly in class but it would really help your child if you help them with it at home too. We ask that you regularly spend just a few minutes looking at it with your child, whether it is reading different numbers, saying 1 more or less than a given number, just to support their learning at school. It really will make a big difference!