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Hello reader,


I am writing about our Wheatcroft Stephen Joseph theatre club on Tuesdays that last from 3:10pm-5:00pmThis week, we played a game of flinch or twitch. In flinch, you all stand around a person who holds a ball. The person with the ball turns to anybody and passes the ball to them. 


If they fake throw the ball and the person whose getting the twitches, they are out. When enough people have flinched, the circle shrinks. If two people are left, they must put their backs together and listen to the person with the ball. The person with the ball will say nouns and if a noun in the room your in exists, you turn around and say bang. If you win the duel, you win the game.


After the game, we got into a circle and played a new game. The game has no name but i will call it relate it. In relate, it you have to say a word and the next person will say something similar to it. Like if I say moon someone might say cheese. Play the game until you find the word selected.


Thank you for reading


By Hector