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Welcome to the Year 1 Page!

Year 1 is the beginning of Key Stage 1 and there are lots of exciting things ahead including being able to join after school schools for the first time!


Mrs Hayes and Mrs Foster are the teachers in Year 1. Mrs Foster works on a Monday, Tuesday and a Wednesday morning. Mrs Hayes works on a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and a Friday.

Mrs Edwards is the Teaching Assistant in Year 1 all the time, along with other adult support on different days.

If you have any queries please do come and speak to any of us and messages can be passed on.

Year 1 School Council Representatives 2016

Year 1 School Council Representatives 2016 1

We have had a fantastic trip today and had great fun sketching, hunting for mini-beasts and doing a scavenger hunt!

Making circuits, finding magnetic materials and exciting experiments with Mr Denton

Making Castles And Outside Fun!

Week 2 Our Chicks - we have loved holding the chicks this week.

Sunshine, our poorly chick, has now been adopted by a local vet and is doing really well

The Chicks Over The Weekend


Over the weekend the chicks have had a super time at Mrs Hayes' house being very well looked after! They are now back in school and are ready to be held now as they are stronger and older. The best news is that Sunshine, our very poorly chick, has been hand fed over the weekend and he is now feeding himself and a lot stronger. We are hoping that he will enjoy some time with the other chicks in the brooder box later today.

Our chicks hatching!

Still image for this video

This half term our topic is "I Do Love To Live Beside The Seaside". We are going to be learning all about Scarborough and how it has changed over the years. If you have any memories or photos of how our town has changed, please feel free to share them with us. Grandparents and family friends are welcome to join in too! We will also be learning about Scarborough castle and how it has changed over the years.


Literacy - We are going to be reading stories with a castle theme as well as creating our own poems.


Maths - we will continue to build on our learning, including number bonds, addition and subtraction, shape, capacity, weight and measuring. We are having a real focus on problem solving too.


Science - we are looking at materials and their properties and how materials change with force and heat.


History - we are basing our learning on how Scarborough has changed as a town and also learning about Scarborough castle.


Art and DT - we will be creating a range of pieces, independently and with support, to reflect a seaside theme using a range of different materials.


RE - we will be learning about different celebrations.




Winter Music Morning February 2017

Winter Music Morning February 2017 1
Winter Music Morning February 2017 2
Winter Music Morning February 2017 3
Winter Music Morning February 2017 4
Winter Music Morning February 2017 5
Winter Music Morning February 2017 6
Winter Music Morning February 2017 7
Winter Music Morning February 2017 8
Winter Music Morning February 2017 9
Winter Music Morning February 2017 10
Winter Music Morning February 2017 11
Winter Music Morning February 2017 12

Science Experiment - what material will make the best shelter for an explorer?

Sorting items from home that are safe and those that might harm us.

Christmas Party

Christmas Nativity 2016

Christmas Nativity 2016 1
Christmas Nativity 2016 2
Christmas Nativity 2016 3
Christmas Nativity 2016 4
Christmas Nativity 2016 5
Christmas Nativity 2016 6
Christmas Nativity 2016 7

Making a sleigh for Father Christmas and making reindeer food ready for Christmas Eve!

Year 1 Topic for this half term.

What A Wonderful Time Of The Year


“What A Wonderful Time Of The Year” is the title of Year 1’s linked learning for this Autumn half term.

Literacy – We are going to be focussing on writing sentences with the correct use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We will also be looking at forming letters correctly as this is vital for handwriting as the children progress through school. All of our Literacy work will be linked through books, both fiction and non-fiction based on the seasons and weather.  The children will be writing facts about the weather and seasons, poems, using recipes in cooking,  and lots of other lovely activities.

Science – In Science we will be looking at the weather and seasons. We will be measuring the amount of rain that falls over a number of days and looking at the temperature outside over a period of time too. We will be looking closely at seasons and what the weather is like in each season. We will also be learning about why animals hibernate.

Geography – We will be using geographical language and through role play we will be creating our own weather forecasts!

Art We will be using a range of different materials to create drawings, paintings and sculptures linked to our topic.

DT – We will create models of animals through different materials and equipment as well as a wide range of activites linked to seasons. The children will be encouraged to think about the design of their models and how they can make them better. We are going to have a go at making our own bird feeders now the weather is colder and the children will also be doing regular baking activities on a Thursday afternoon.

ICTWe will be creating pictures linked to our topic, typing out facts and learning how to save work into folders and then retrieve it.

Music – We will be learning a range of skills in our weekly music lessons and singing sessions, linked to our topic.

PE - Children will have opportunities to participate in a range of indoor and outdoor games and activities (weather permitting), including Zumba and gymnastics.

PSHCE – We will be looking at how to work together and how to look after our new outdoor area as well as work on our feelings.


Weather forecasts, making dens, poppies for Remembrance Day and mesuring rain fall

Funky Friday In Year 1! Volcanoes, fossils, frozen dinosaurs, cake and lots of fun!

Making a volcano and dinosaurs

Making volcanoes, dinosaurs and Dinosaur Land

Year 1 Baking

Year 1 Baking 1
Year 1 Baking 2
Year 1 Baking 3
Year 1 Baking 4
Year 1 Baking 5
Year 1 Baking 6
Year 1 Baking 7
Year 1 Baking 8
Year 1 Baking 9

Looking At Different Plants

Looking At Different Plants 1
Looking At Different Plants 2
Looking At Different Plants 3
Looking At Different Plants 4
Looking At Different Plants 5
Looking At Different Plants 6
Looking At Different Plants 7
Looking At Different Plants 8
Looking At Different Plants 9
Looking At Different Plants 10
Looking At Different Plants 11
Looking At Different Plants 12
Looking At Different Plants 13
Looking At Different Plants 14
Looking At Different Plants 15
Looking At Different Plants 16
Looking At Different Plants 17
Looking At Different Plants 18