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Hi it’s me again ( Betsy )


My last piano lesson was a DISASTER! 

I had just waved my mum goodbye and  then cause then I nudged up my piano stool... and BANG my finger got trapped in the stool..😢#accident pro👍


What I actually learnt today, 😎😎😎😎

I learnt that to play a hands together piece that’s using dynamics, I was very proud of myself and I played a piece called cake walk too I am currently practicing it this week .


  • That’s all for this week byeeeeee 



Mythical Creatures and where to find them.

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the animal this week is a UNICORN!

The unicorn is legendary mythical animal,

Even though people think that unicorns can fly… they can not. If you want the truth, then a flying unicorn is a Pegasus!

Anyway, you can find a unicorn on the east of England  and  throughout Wales. It is EXTREMELY   hard to find, there fore it has never been found!

Unicorns eat all sorts, they mainly eat poop. Just kidding. Ha ha ha. They eat cupcakes for breakfast, chocolate cake for lunch, and candy floss for dinner.

That was this weeks update on mythical creatures

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